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Here’s an great article about Role Playing Games. It is a bit longer, but if you are new to them or have never heard or seen them this article is a great place to start. It defines terms, goes into the history, and I think accurately assesses their appeal. Check it out Here!

The big news from Gen-Con Friday:

-Fantasy Flight announces Star Wars RPG called ‘Edge of Empire’ and it is currently in beta. you can read more about it Here.

-I saw in a FFG official video, in one of their case displays, a big box expansion to Mansions of Madness called ‘Call of the Wild’, they haven’t announced anything yet as far as i can see, but is clearly going to be soon.

-Wizards of the Coast didn’t release much concrete info about D&D Next in their seminar/key note, but they did mention that the novel universe is going to go through something called ‘The Sundering’ which Ed Greenwood mentioned would entail some form of war. And it looks as if the characters in the main Forgotten realms novels will be crossing over and come in contact with each other.

-Soda Pop miniatures announced an expansion to their game Super Dungeon Explore which looked like a lot of fire and fire like things. you can see pictures of the miniatures Here.

– The new game from designer Geoff Englestein called ‘Space Cadets’ is getting good reviews. It’s a co-op game where everyone is working together to control a ship in space.

-There will be a new expansion for the game ‘King of Tokyo’ which will include a new monster….and that monster will be….. a panda? okie.

-The Spoils CCG is still not dead after having been raised from the dead a few years ago, they are still coming out with new sets and people are playing this great game. See more about the Spoils Here. As a former Spoils player, it’s good to see that this game is still around, still kicking, and still making waves. It really is a great card game.

more news to come later!

Today is Free RPG day, so go to your friendly local game store and play some RPG’s and get some free stuff! DOEET!