Wicked Fun Games Posts

Tonight we’ll be at the Hyannis Public Library playing games! come on down 5:30- 7:30 (the library closes at 8pm)! Stop by and say hi!

Nov 12th is National Gaming Day at your Library (http://ngd.ala.org/)!

On that Saturday, Wicked Fun Games has organized an open gaming event with the Hyannis Public Library that will start at noon and run till 4pm. We’re going to bring a few games (feel free to bring games as well) and play with whomever shows up. Refreshments will most likely be served. Please stop by if you have the time, or at least see if your local library is running an event also.

Hope to see you there!

Google Maps link to the Hyannis Public Library : http://g.co/maps/q3ste