Coffee Detective

Date(s) - 10/05/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Total # of players: 5
Available Spaces: 1
Booked Spaces: 4
Pending Spaces: 0

Coffee Detective
COFFEE DETECTIVE is a zero prep, rules-light, highly improvisatory game of small-town mystery and murder. It is an homage to genre fiction in the vein of shows like TWIN PEAKS, the X-FILES, and NORTHERN EXPOSURE with an emphasis on low-stakes collaborative play and safety mechanics. Players will need nothing but their wits, wiles, and a willingness to leap into a world designed by the group as you go along. Take turns inciting scenes and eavesdropping on suspicious happenings in order to determine an ending where anyone could be the killer. Play is driven by interpersonal interaction, lightly guided collaborative worldbuilding, and a set of PLOT TWIST cards that change up the game every time while staying true to the nature of the genre and the quirky absurdity of the locals. Also included are tips and suggestions on improvisatory roleplay, creating worlds and characters from scratch, and how to adapt COFFEE DETECTIVE for nonviolent scenarios or employ safety mechanics, ensuring a fun evening for anyone at your table!


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