Escape Rooms

Escape Room Events!

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a series of themed puzzles and obstacles for the participants to work together to solve and overcome within a specific amount of time.

For example in “Escape from the Wizard’s Tower” the participants gather ingredients, cast spells, and assemble a wizards staff to ultimately teleport (and escape) out of the tower.

  • Sessions generally run a little over an hour. Multiple sessions of the same room can be run in one day with time for a short ‘room reset’ in between.
  • Each session can have up to 10 participants
  • Ideally, these events are run in an area about 15′ X 15′.
  • The puzzles are ideal for ages 10 and up, and would even work with adults as well.
  • During the session my role is that of the “Gamemaster”. I make sure the rules are followed, I control any effects of the room, I offer hints or guidance as needed, and I just generally make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Matt Donle


“Matt’s Escape the Room program brought actual teens into our library. And they had FUN! The puzzles were pretty tricky but all the groups managed to escape within the hour time frame. Matt is super easy to work with and very organized. The program went off without a hitch. When the kids were leaving they were asking when the next one was going to be. This event was a big hit”

–Ann Foster, Youth Services Librarian, Snow Library, Orleans

“We had Matt Donle of Wicked Fun Games host a day of Escape Room programs at our public library. We were most pleased to fill all three sessions with teens and tweens, an age group sometimes hard to attract. The teens enjoyed finding puzzle clues throughout the library; and we appreciated that the theme of the programs connected to a popular children’s mystery book. In addition to doing a thorough and professional job of prepping our program and listening to our needs, Matt was great with the kids. I could not ask for a better Escape Room experience, and recommend Matt highly.”
–Children’s Librarian, Osterville Village Library

Escape from the Wizards Tower

Follow the journal entries, gather ingredients, & cast spells!

Escape from the Terrible Thicket

Mix potions with the correct herbs, read the signs of the forest, & translate fairy messages!

Escape from the Spooky Graveyard

Assemble gravestones, translate runes, & help the Grave-keeper to escape!

Escape from the Rogue Planet

You and your group have crash landed on a Rogue Planet. Repair the ship, plot a return course, & survive the journey home!