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So, Day 2. Very little sleep was gotten between the ride home and the being all jacked up from Day 1 and the need to wake up earlier than the day before. As it turns out, there was much less traffic on Saturday and there were no road problems and no parking problems as I got a pretty sweet spot in the BCEC lot. cool start. I got there about an hour early so they have you stand in line.

There is nothing like the excitement of the night before/morning of a gaming convention. I’m always tired the morning of because I rarely sleep well the night before. But it’s more of a ‘who cares’ tired because the excitement and the adrenaline and the caffeine usually take over and then the tired turns into more of a badge of courage than an actual hindrance.

We are headed to PAX East today and tomorrow. You should see some blog updates from the convention. I’ll be sure to take pictures and *maybe* video, it depends on if my hairstylist can make it or not. Every year it’s exciting and this one is no exception.