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Tonight I’ll be giving a talk about designer board games at the Cape Cod Cultural Center in South Yarmouth from 6-9pm. Basically, I’m going to give a broad overview of a bunch of different games and then afterwards, everyone will get a chance to play Forbidden Island to see what it’s like. Seats are limited by the size of the room, so make sure you let me know that you are planning on attending this special event.

you can either email me at wickedfungames(at) or give me a call at 774-327-1401.

hope to see you there!

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I just got a call from the Hyannis public library saying that they have been without power all day today and are therefore closing early, which means that Game Night Tonight is canceled! Sorry folks! Keep on Gaming!

Tonight we’re at the Hyannis Public Library from 5-8pm. If you have any requests for games, let me know and I’ll bring them! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Tonight we head to the Cotuit Public Library to play games. Come down between 5 and 8pm and have a good time on us. It’s a very cool place to play games. Hope to see you there!

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We’ll be at the Marstons Mills Library from 6-8pm tonight playing games. Last time here, we beat back some monsters and avoided mummies and falling ceiling stones whilst grabbing treasures. This is a really cool place to play games so come on out! Just off rt28:

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The Centerville Public Library is where it’s at tonight from 5-7pm. Last time in Centerville we met a lot of cool people, rescued some artifacts from a sinking island, and put the beat down on monsters dead set on destroying our towers! who knows what we’ll be doing this time…

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Here’s a great little TV news snippet about a Board Game group in St. Louis.

Check out the 5min video Here.

Check out our calendar for the new game nights at the Cotuit Public Library and the Cape Cod Cultural Center. We’ll be adding more as we get them. If you want a game night where you are, get in touch with us!

We’ll be at the Hyannis Public Library tonight between 5-8pm. I’ll have Wits & Wagers Family and a bunch of other games to show and play. If there is a game you want me to bring, speak up and i will bring it!

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here’s a great little article about one guy who likes to collect board games and of the board gaming hobby in general.