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While the snowstorm hit Cape Cod on March 21, 2013, Myself and two other friends were on our way up to Boston to PAX East 2013 For any of you who don’t know, the Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX) is a weekend convention every year in Boston. 2013 was my second year there, and boy, was it a blast.

Wil Wheaton is back, this time to play the Fantasy RPG Dragon Age. What could go wrong?






(Alex continues his thoughts on and recap of PAX East 2012)

PAX Day 2

Saturday morning was much easier than Friday, but don’t take that to mean I got there at the beginning of the show, I like sleeping a bit too much for that. The first thing I did once I was in the BCEC that day was to run up to one of the guys dressed as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video games and play my CODEC ringtone for him and watch how he responded. (If you don’t know, the CODEC is the communication system in the MGS games which rings like this when someone is contacting Snake, also if that is thte case, you should totally play them. They are really good) But anyway, I should get around to talking about the rest of the show.

(Here we have another post about the first day of PAX, but from Alex’s perspective rather than Matt’s)

PAX Day 1

I won’t lie to you, the first morning of PAX East was a bit rough for my friends and me. The previous night we partook in the PokeCrawl (a Pokemon themed pub crawl), and, as would be expected at such an event, we drank. A lot. Thursday night one of my friends I was staying with and I decided to get to the BCEC early, like there by 9 AM early. Yeah, that didn’t happen, we got there at like 11 or so. But I digress, onto the show!

Nov 12th is National Gaming Day at your Library (!

On that Saturday, Wicked Fun Games has organized an open gaming event with the Hyannis Public Library that will start at noon and run till 4pm. We’re going to bring a few games (feel free to bring games as well) and play with whomever shows up. Refreshments will most likely be served. Please stop by if you have the time, or at least see if your local library is running an event also.

Hope to see you there!

Google Maps link to the Hyannis Public Library :