All-Day Table-Top Gaming, Feb 1st


It’ll be Saturday, Feb 1st from 9am to 10pm Saturday at the Harwich Community Center.
(break for lunch 1pm-2pm, dinner 5pm-6pm)

There will be Open Gaming throughout the day.


Manhattan Project: Energy Empire – 10am-1pm
Dominion – 10am-1pm
Its a Wonderful World & Fantastic Factories – 10am-1pm
Warhammer 40k: Kill Team – 10am-1pm
Robinson Crusoe – 2pm-5pm
Isle of Cats – 2pm-5pm
Scythe – 2pm-5pm
Underwater Cities – 2pm-5pm
Battlestar Galatica – 2pm-9pm
The Sprawl – 6pm-9pm
Great Western Trail – 6pm-9pm

If you want to sign up for any of these events you first need to register for an account on then click on All-Day Table-Top Game Day and click on the event you want to sign up for.

there will be more games run as well on a more casual basis.

18+ only please!

If you need more information email me at:

This is open to all gamers in or around the Cape Cod area, so if you are getting this message and are able to attend, YOU ARE INVITED!

I love gaming with people I’ve never gamed before, so PLEASE COME!

-Matt Donle

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