Month: March 2019


It’ll be Saturday, April 6th from 9am to 10pm Saturday night at the Harwich Community Center.
(break for lunch 1pm-2pm break for dinner 5pm-6pm)

There will be Open Gaming throughout the day.


Dresden Files co-op card game – 10am-1pm
Warhammer 40k: Kill Team – 10am-1pm
Brass – 10am-1pm
Raiders of the North Sea – 10am-1pm
Pursuit of Happiness – 2pm-5pm
Euphoria – 2pm-5pm
Wingspan & Quacks of Quedlinburg – 2pm-5pm
Teotihuacan – 6pm-9pm
Fiasco RPG – 6pm-9pm
Dinosaur Island – 6pm-9pm

If you want to sign up for any of these events you first need to register for an account on
then you can go to the website and click on events, and find the event(s) you want and sign up for it(them)!

there will be more games run as well on a more casual basis.

18+ only please!

If you need more information email me at:
wickedfungames at gmail dot com

This is open to all gamers in or around the Cape Cod area, so if you are getting this message and are able to attend, YOU ARE INVITED!

I love gaming with people I’ve never gamed before, so PLEASE COME!

-Matt Donle