Gaming At My Place, Feb 6th (#24)

A little late in announcing, BUT…It’s time for another:


It’ll be Saturday, Feb 6th from noon-till-WHENEVER Saturday night.

Games On My ‘To Play’ List:

*Dungeon Lords (4p)
*Imperial Settlers (with expansion) (4p)
*Roll for the Galaxy (with Ambition) (5p)

I’m sorry, but children are not allowed at these sessions so that we can get more gamery-games to the table.

We normally order pizza, BUT i can’t afford to feed everyone, SO if you are planning on eating/drinking just throw a few dollars in the donation bucket.

If you are interested in attending email me at:

wickedfungames at gmail dot com

let me know that you are planning on attending and I’ll give you details. Feel free to invite friends, just make sure I know so I can get an accurate count of who to expect. Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on coming so that I know how many snacks n drinks n things to buy before the event.

This is open to all gamers in or around the Cape Cod area, so if you are getting this message and are able to attend, YOU ARE INVITED!

I love gaming with people I’ve never gamed before, so PLEASE COME!

-Matt Donle

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