Wicked Fun Link Plop 2014-08-18

Here’s what I’m reading/watching/listening to:

Play for Millenials? Board Games – Learning English VOA News

board games are “making a comeback” – Play Without Fear

Hobby Game Retail Market Brings in $700 Million in 2013 – Dice Tower News

Tabletop Board Game Café to Open Late Fall in Ohio City – CleveScene.com

Cardboard Children – Jumanji (Robin Williams) – Rock Paper Shotgun

Street Scrabble tournament comes to Seattle – SeattlePi.com

X-Com the Board Game – FFG

Star Wars Armada – FFG

Mountains of Madness – Eldritch Horror Expansion – FFG

Imperial Assault – FFG

Hands-On With D&D’s New Digital Companion DungeonScape – Escapist

Review: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective from ShutUpShow on Vimeo.

DnDnG: A Short Documentary from Meredith Jacobson on Vimeo.

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