Wicked Fun Link Plop 2014-03-24

Here’s what i’m Reading/Watching/Looking at:

To understand war, American officials are playing board games – The Economist

Board games are for everyone, you included. – What Am I Doing Here?

A 1955 Careers Board Game

Board Games Through Time You Can Play – Draughts Blog

You Never Move Your Settler! – Opening Strategy Splits Civ V Studio – Escaptist Magazine

Dungeons & Dragons Is Basically a Nerdier Spin on Judaism – Tablet Magazine

Team Building Exercise: Dungeons & Dragons – ThoughtLab Blog

A Life Playing D&D – Critical Hits

One Page Dungeon Contest

Acquisitions Inc. Live at PAX East – WoTC

Autumn Walk: A 1975 Gygax Poem – Playing At The World

Settlers of Catan Quilt

yearbook picture of Patton Oswalt in his Dungeons & Dragons Club

Manor of Ravens expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition – Fantasy Flight Games


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