Wicked Fun Link Plop 2014-01-20

Here’s what I’m reading/watching:

International TableTop Day for 2014 is April 5th – Twitter

Tom Vasel & The History of The Dice Tower – Scott King

Top 10 Reasons to Play Board Games With Your Kids – Geek Dad

Review: New Amsterdam – Shut Up & Sit Down

Six Questions That Will Help You Make A Better Character – Look, Robot

Top 5 Role Playing Games For Beginners – Across the Board Games

Inside Monopoly’s secret war against the Third Reich – Eurogamer

Chess In Movies & TV (debunks various shots of people playing chess) – via Reddit

Top 10 Tabletop Game Kickstarters – ICV2

10 Tips for Teaching Younger Players More Complex Games – Geek Dad

Drunkards & Flagons – (a strange roleplaying game)

D12 Calendar
Printable D12 Calendar – Purple Pawn

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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