Month: March 2013

The folks over at Geek & Sundry (Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, etc) have announced that International Table Top Day will be on March 30th! So go play games somewhere or host a game day of your own! You can read more about it Here!

Here is an article in the Wall Street Journal about the Board Game Company Days of Wonder. They make some great games, especially for those just getting into the hobby. Read the article Here.

The sci-fi website I09 recently put out a list of their top 10 ‘greatest sci-fi games of all time’. You can read the article Here. I agree with all the games on the list being good games in the Sci-Fi genre, but there are some notable exclusions such as Android:Netrunner, Space Alert, Dune, Earth Reborn, Space Hulk, Nuroshima Hex, and Merchants of Venus, just to name a few. Is this a good list of sci-fi games? yes. Are these the ‘greatest sci-fi games of all time’? highly debatable.