Month: April 2012


We return to West Dennis tonight to play board games from 5-8pm. I’ve had a request for a zombie game, so I’ll be running Last Night on Earth for those that want to play. I’ll bring other games with me and if you have a request for one, let me know and I’ll bring it! It’s going to be a blast so stop on by!

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Hey! We’re back to the Marstons Mills Public Library tonight between 6-8pm. Stop by for some games!

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Hey! Today from 1-4pm at the Mashpee Public Library we’ll be playing games! It’s a beautiful library and as this is the first time we’ve been here, I’m not sure where they will put us, but I doubt there is a bad spot in the place. I can’t wait to check it out and game in public! rawr!

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I just finished painting my Blood Bowl Orc Team. Check them out and let me know what you think. I will eventually flock the bases to finish them off.

(Alex continues his thoughts on and recap of PAX East 2012)

PAX Day 2

Saturday morning was much easier than Friday, but don’t take that to mean I got there at the beginning of the show, I like sleeping a bit too much for that. The first thing I did once I was in the BCEC that day was to run up to one of the guys dressed as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video games and play my CODEC ringtone for him and watch how he responded. (If you don’t know, the CODEC is the communication system in the MGS games which rings like this when someone is contacting Snake, also if that is thte case, you should totally play them. They are really good) But anyway, I should get around to talking about the rest of the show.

(Here we have another post about the first day of PAX, but from Alex’s perspective rather than Matt’s)

PAX Day 1

I won’t lie to you, the first morning of PAX East was a bit rough for my friends and me. The previous night we partook in the PokeCrawl (a Pokemon themed pub crawl), and, as would be expected at such an event, we drank. A lot. Thursday night one of my friends I was staying with and I decided to get to the BCEC early, like there by 9 AM early. Yeah, that didn’t happen, we got there at like 11 or so. But I digress, onto the show!

The Dice Tower is a prominent podcast in the board gaming community. If you haven’t checked it out yet and have the time and interest you really should. The Dice Tower has grown over the years to include a website, a podcasting network, a YouTube channel and a board gaming news network. For the past several years they have given out awards for the best board game in various categories for that year. You can find this years nominees Here!

Tonight we are headed to the Centerville Public Library. It’s always a fun night there. We only have 2 hours of gaming so make sure to get there early if you can! 5-7pm. Hope to see you there!

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So, Day 2. Very little sleep was gotten between the ride home and the being all jacked up from Day 1 and the need to wake up earlier than the day before. As it turns out, there was much less traffic on Saturday and there were no road problems and no parking problems as I got a pretty sweet spot in the BCEC lot. cool start. I got there about an hour early so they have you stand in line.